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This is a call to all surfers, to every man and every woman!

All over the world surfers are the key witnesses of the weaknesses of the ocean and the disastrous deterioration of the environment.


In October 2018, inspired by the climate strikes, they decided to act together to gather their community around climate issues and to bring the voice of the ocean to the political leaders. Repeatedly, whatever the weather and the sea conditions, they met every first Saturday of the month, to express their awareness of the climate emergency and to call for an individual and collective change.

Since autumn 2018, around fifty rallies have been organized from all over France, but also in Europe or Africa.


In August 2019, 350 surfers and ocean lovers met in Guéthary on the eve of the G7 summit, that brought together around twenty Heads of state in Biarritz, a historic surf town in France.


Since then, the movement continues to take action on local environmental issues to protest against projects that are threatening the ocean or the coast.

A documentary showing this inspiring story is in progress. The first broadcasts are expected for the beginning of 2020.

Credits photos : Sabina Hourcade, Aurélie Zucchiatti, Greg Rabejac, Franck Cazenave, Ludovic Alba, Greg Moyano



The organization should remain a pleasant moment, spontaneous and open to all. In that respect, we advise:


1. Respecting the regularity of the demonstration : we paddle every first Saturday of the month at the same time


2. Choosing an ocean, lake, or river spot easily accessible to the largest number of participants, regardless of their level of experience


3. Publicizing your initiative as early as possible, to gather the largest number of participants


4. Using the logo and colors of Paddle for your Planet on all your documents (see the “download” section below)


5. Sending us an email or message on the Facebook group so that we can announce your event


6. Inviting local sport clubs and Environment Protection Associations  to participate with their members


7. Taking action to make your event friendly and interesting : a shared picnic, a concert, a celebrity testimony, cleaning a polluted site, projecting a movie…


8. Organizing an eco-friendly project : encouraging participants to come together or use public transportation, reusing existing materials to make protest signs, preparing an organic, local, and packaging-free picnic…


9. Don’t forget to take pictures and share them on social media with the hashtag #paddleforyourplanet (#ramepourtaplanete ?). Send us a selection with the date, location, and name of the photographer by Wetransfer (for example) at



Because scientists are becoming seriously alarmed by the planet’s climate and the environmental situation.


Since the Cop 21 Paris Agreement in 2015, global warming has gotten worse, with potential devastating consequences everywhere in the world by 2030 and 2050.


Within 40 years, the level of C02 in the atmosphere has increased as much as in 15,000 years in previous eras, glaciologists say. Such acceleration is unprecedented in our planet’s history, triggering increases in temperatures, melting ice and sea levels like never before, with risks of more and more extreme climate episodes indubitably leading to 250 million climate refugees.


The decrease of greenhouse gas emissions is more than ever everyone’s concern in their everyday life, but also that of political and economical decision makers, from whom we must demand brave and effective actions meeting these high issues. In addition to climate deregulation, the planet is also facing the most rapid extinction of biodiversity in its history. An acceleration 800 times superior to past events.

In the last 40 years, 60% of the world’s wild vertebrae have disappeared, Europe has lost 420 million birds and the population of marine species has declined by 39%. Meanwhile, overfishing continues, plastic pollution in the oceans reaches 10 million tons a year with a risk of reaching 80 million tons in 2030 according to the current trend… At this rate, our waste of the planet is going to kill us.


But nothing is irreversible. Scientists observe that nature is capable of great resilience and rapid renewal from the moment that it lives protected.


Paddling for the planet means acknowledging these ecological issues. It is an individual action towards oneself, paving the way for many more (see the propositions of Réseau Action Climat). It is a call for a wasteless way of life. It is a collective and long-term action to hail decision-makers to act right now and make the planet their top priority.


It is considering our children’s future.


It is, if nothing more, us surfers giving back to the ocean all the waves and the pleasure that it is giving us.